We carry out any type of installation and assembly for homes, offices, businesses, industrial spaces with all the guarantees and maintaining the protocols that guarantee the non-contamination of the facilities with oxidizing and corrosive elements.

We carry out conductive maintenance in order to achieve the nominal performance of the installation and even exceed it while lowering energy consumption by modifying certain parameters.

We carry out preventive and corrective maintenance to return the systems to the powers and performances published by the project or the equipment manufacturer.

We provide technical consulting and advise both users and installation and maintenance companies. In air conditioning we apply the RITE protocol plus a series of actions that allow us a greater thermal load on the heat transfer fluids and greater integrity of the most exposed mechanical elements.


We have extensive experience in naval refrigeration and air conditioning of all powers, both direct current and alternating current.

We develop a custom system with our own engineering.

We provide solutions for installations, maintenance and repairs.

We have all the licenses and approvals granted by the public Administration.


We propose the correction of energy moments that are dissipated in the form of heat due to the joule effect or by inertia that require the absorption of electrical energy and represent zero in thermal or photovoltaic generation.

We make proposals for the balancing and optimization of the systems and depending on the state of each one, we apply specific solutions. In short, we outline the facilities. The relationship between results and investment has nothing if we have the prices of the installation as a reference. That percentage of energy that we recycle for the user's savings is the most economical for each installation.

We do all types of projects and certifications, contradictory and comparative so that the user can freely choose from a range of options.

We make measurements with data dumps and facility status certifications and provide auxiliary technical services for the user themselves.